• The Creed

The Creed is rooted in the personal and collective testimony of believers upon which the entire catholic tradition rests.  It expresses the living response of faith made in generation and handed on to another.  The Creed is a confession that one recognises and puts one's faith in the action of the living God, just as the disciples and apostles of Jesus of Nazareth responded to it.  It is a recognition that this same mystery of grace is taking place even now in our experience of this community of faith.  In making the Creed our own, we are declaring ourselves to be at one with that first generation of believers, at one with their heirs throughout the world tioady, and at one with all those who will come after us who recognise the Living God as active in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit given to all who put their faith in Jesus.

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The Creed

  • Author: Ambrose Walsh
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