CD 1 - Peace(16:18) Purity of Heart(13:26) We Possess the Mind of Christ(10:42) Vision of Unity(11:26) The Experience of the Tradition(16:19)

CD 2 - Contact with the Centre(13:20) The Aim of Meditation(15:44) Unity and Union(13:29) Creative Energy(16:42) The Context of Our Meditation(13:21)

CD 3 - Truth(16:22) Time and Eternity(12:39) Levels of Distraction(17:36) The Ordinary Shot through with the Extraordinary(13:39) Liberty of Spirit(16:25)

CD 4 - Open to the Moment of Love(11:55) Learning to Exercise Nothing(17:15) Everything Is One(14:28) Wholly Present Now(15:26) Hope(14:17)

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Door to Silence - Collected Talks VII

  • Author: John Main
  • Publisher: Medio Media
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  • £15.50