• Death of Innocents, The


Sr Helen Prejean was a little known Roman Catholic nun from Louisianna when her first book Dead Man Walking, challenged the way the world looks at the death penalty.  It became a New Yok bestseller and was nominated for a Pullitzer Prize, Susan Sarandon received the Best Actress Oscar for her part in the film of the book.  

Now in the Death of Innocents, Sister Helen takes us to the new moral edge of the debate on the capital punishment: What if we're killing the wrong person? Using the stories of two men - Dobie Gillis Williams and Joseph Roger O'Dell - both of whom she accompanied to their executions.  Sister Helen allows the jury to be the first "jury" with all the access to the evidence the trial juries never saw.  Firm in the belief that both men were innocent, she shows how race, prosecutorial ambition, poverty, election cycles and publicity play far too great a role in who dies and who lives.

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Death of Innocents, The

  • Author: Helen Prejean
  • Publisher: canterbury Press
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